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Nationalities of China

中华民族(zhōng huá mín zú)

China is a multi-ethnic country, including Han(汉) the majority of the population with proportion of 92%, there are 56 nationalities totally. Since the rest of 55 nationalities only account for 8%, they are called minority nationality (少数民族 shǎo shù mín zú). As a token of Chinese specific culture, the Chinese 56 nationalities is an indispensible source of Chinese learning for kids.

Here below is the Pinyin chart for all the 56 nationalities of China :

Chinese Learning for Kids - Pinyin chart of 56 nationalities for kids learning Chinese

Briefly introduction to some main nationalities of China:

1. 汉族(hàn zú) Han:

Chinese learning for kids - picture of Han nationality Han nationality is the principal nationality in China, representing the biggest shares of total population.

With a total population of 13 billion over the world,

the nationality of Han not only accounts for the largest portion of Chinese population,

but also counted as the largest ethnics in the world with 19% of the world’s total population.

2. 壮族(zhuàng zú) Zhuang:

Chinese learning for kids - picture of Zhuang nationality

壮族(zhuàng zú) Zhuang is the largest minority nationality in China, mainly lived in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (广西壮族自治区 guǎng xī zhuàng zú zì zhì qū).

Zhuang almost celebrates the same festival as Han and Chinese mandarin is commonly used in Zhuang.


The Double Third Festival (三月三 sān yuè sān) is one of the famous festival celebrated in Zhuang.

3. 满族(mǎn zú) Manchu:

Chinese learning for kids - picture of Manchu nationality

Manchu mainly lived in the Three Northeast Provinces.

In China’s history, Manchu was active in Qing Dynasty (清朝 qīng cháo),
when Manchus dominated the Central Plain Area(中原地区 zhōng yuán dì qū).

During that period, Manchu and Han had an extensive economic and cultural communication,
and Manchu gradually adopted Han language.

4. 回族(huí zú) Hui:

Chinese learning for kids - picture of Hui nationality

Huis can be found throughout China, especially in the
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (宁夏回族自治区níng xià huí zú zì zhì qū)
and Gansu province, Qinghai province, Henan province,
Hebei province, Shandong province, Yunnan province,
and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region (新疆维吾尔族自治区 xīn jiāng wéi wú ěr zú zì zhì qū).

Hui strictly control their eating habits, meats of pig, dog, horse, donkey, mule are prohibited to eat in Hui.

5. 苗族(miáo zú) Miao:

Chinese learning for kids - picture of Miao nationality

Miao is famous for their love songs and dancing,
they are fond of singing and dancing to express their feelings.

What features Miao in the worldwide is their colorful arts and crafts,
such as cross-stitch work (十字绣 shí zì xiù ), embroidery (刺绣 cì xiù),
brocade ( 织锦 zhī jǐn ), batik (蜡染 là rǎn) etc.



6. 傣族(dǎi zú) Dai:

Chinese learning for kids - picture of Dai nationality

Lived in Yunnan province, Dai is well-known as
the Water-Splashing Day (泼水节 pō shuǐ jié).
It is held around mid-April (usually 13 to 15 April),
washes away the dirt, sorrow and demons of the old year
and brings in the happiness of the new.
On this festival, the more water you get, the more popular you are,
and then more luck will be brought to you in this year.

Extended Reading: Song for kids learning Chinese

爱我中华(ài wǒ zhōng huá) 

Love Our China

五十六个星座,五十六枝花(wǔ shí liù gè xīng zuò wǔ shí liù zhī huā), 56 constellations, 56 flowers,

五十六族兄弟姐妹是一家(wǔ shí liù zú xiōng dì jiě mèi shì yì jiā), 56 nationalities of brothers and sisters are a family,

五十六种语言,汇成一句话(wǔ shí liù zhǒng yǔ yán huì chéng yī jù huà),56 kinds of languages merge into one sentence,

爱我中华爱我中华爱我中华(ài wǒ zhōng huá)。 Love our China, love our China, love our China.

嘿罗嘿罗嘿罗嘿嘿罗 嘿罗嘿罗嘿嘿罗(hèi luó) Hey luo hey luo hey luo hey hey luo hey luo hey luo hey hey luo

嘿罗嘿罗嘿罗嘿罗,爱我中华(hè luó, ài wǒ zhōng huá)。 Hey luo hey luo hey luo hey luo, love our China.

爱我中华 (ài wǒ zhōng huá) Love our China.

健儿奋起步伐(jiàn ér fèn qǐ bù fá);Chinese people rise to move forward;

爱我中华 (ài wǒ zhōng huá),Love our China,

建设我们的国家(jiàn shè wǒ men de guó jiā);To build our country;

爱我中华 (ài wǒ zhōng huá),Love our China,

中华雄姿英发(zhōng huá xióng zī yīng fā);China is featured with brave and energetic spirits;

爱我中华(ài wǒ zhōng huá),Love our China,

五十六族兄弟姐妹(wǔ shí liù zú xiōng dì jiě mèi),56 nationalities of brothers and sisters,

五十六种语言汇成一句话(wǔ shí liù zhǒng yǔ yán huì chéng yī jù huà): 56 kinds of languages merge into one sentence:

爱我中华(ài wǒ zhōng huá)。Love our China


1. 星座 (xīng zuò): constellation

2. 奋起 (fèn qǐ): rise

3. 步伐 (bù fá): steps

4. 汇成 (huì chéng): merge into

5. 雄姿英发 (xióng zī yīng fā): brave and energetic