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Beijing, Taipei Palace Museums join hands again
A historic exhibition about Qing Dynasty emperor Yongzheng, which has just wrapped up, has created a sensation in Taipei with more than 700-thousand visitors.
The ground-breaking joint project between the two Palace Museums of the Chinese mainland and Taiwan will now result in more such collaborations. The Taipei Palace Museum has just announced that it will hold an exhibition of Liao Dynasty relics from Inner Mongolia.
The 115 exhibits are relics excavated from the three major Liao Dynasty mausoleums in North China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Among them, 57 items are first-level state treasures.
The exhibits include a wide range of items, such as , porcelain, glass, attire, harnesses and military weapons.
According to director of the Taipei Palace Museum, Chou Gongshin, it will join efforts with the Museum of Shanghai and the Museum of Zhejiang this year to hold an art and cultural exhibition of the Southern Song Dynasty. The Taipei Palace Museum will also cooperate with the Beijing Palace Museum next year to hold an exhibition about another distinguished Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi.
Such exchange events will also take place at the Beijing Palace Museum. This October, in cooperation with the Taipei Palace Museum, the Beijing Palace Museum will hold an exhibition highlighting cultural relics from the reign of Ming Dynasty emperors Yongle and Xuande. The second academic seminar between the two Museums will also be held in Beijing.
"Harmony and Integrity, Emperor Yongzheng and His Times", which opened last October in Taipei, marked the first time in six decades that the two Palace Museums have joined forces to hold an exhibition.
It featured 246 objects, including 37 on loan from the Beijing Palace Museum and two from the Museum of Shanghai.
The colossal exhibition shed light on the diligent emperor and his refined taste in art.
The joint exhibition was made possible after director of the Taipei museum, Chou Gongshin, paid a visit to Beijing in mid-February last year, a trip that was the result of efforts to expand exchanges across the Strait. A return visit was made in March by Zheng Xinmiao, president of the Beijing Palace Museum.
(Source from www.chinaculture.org )