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China increases US treasuries holdings
China secured its largest US creditor position by purchasing US treasury bonds in September -- the third consecutive month that China increased its holdings, China Business News reported Wednesday.
China''s US treasuries holdings increased $15.1 billion to $883.5 billion in September, the report said.
Purchases from June to September reached $39.9 billion, bringing the country''s holdings to the highest level since April, according to a report by Tencent Financial.
Japan, the second largest holder of US government debt, raised its holdings by $28.4 billion to $865 billion, according to figures released by the US Treasury Department on Nov 16.
Analysts believe that foreign governments increased their holdings mainly due to liquidity and capital security concerns.
The US Federal Reserve last week announced that bonds purchased by foreign central banks increased $13.6 billion in one week''s time to $260.4 trillion.
The earning rate of the US treasuries was going up after the Fed issued the second-round of "quantitative easing" monetary policies. The yield of 10-year treasury bonds has reached 2.93 percent, the highest rate in the past three months, the newspaper reported.
(Source from China Daily)