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Wu: China, US have greater common interests

BEIJING -- Chinese top legislator Wu Bangguo said Thursday that China and the United States have many more common interests than differences.
Bilateral cooperation in various fields "has brought substantial benefits to both countries and both peoples", Wu insisted.
Wu, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress(NPC), made the remarks in his meeting with a delegation of 25 US parliamentary members, saying that different views on some issues "are normal" due to different historical and cultural backgrounds.
"What's most important is that we have much more in common than what separates us, and we have established mechanisms to address our differences", Wu said.
He spoke positively about the development of China-US relations in recent years, noting that frequent high-level contacts, greater trust and closer coordination on international issues have provided a more solid foundation for bilateral cooperation.
"The growth of bilateral ties should not be undermined by differences on some specific issues", Wu said.
Regarding parliamentary exchanges, Wu said that the NPC has already established regular exchange mechanisms with both the US Senate and the House, and that they play a positive role in the stable and healthy development of Sino-American relations.
"We are especially pleased to see that voices calling for dialogue and cooperation with China are growing stronger in the US parliament", Wu said.
Twenty-five Congressmen from the Judiciary Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives and the Aspen Institute took part in the meeting. They expressed their respect for China's economic and social achievements and agreed that China and the United States share broad common interests.