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My Ten Sense: "Ni Hao", Americans should brush up on Chinese, learn to use chopsticks
As I was using chopsticks to eat my shrimp and broccoli from a new Chinese restaurant my best friend has been raving about, I became unsettled as I watched Fox News and an expert mentioned how there is a huge industrial movement in China that is putting millions of drivers on the road to replace bicycles. Another source said China will have more private cars on the road than the U.S. in the next 20 years to cause the two countries to fight for oil resources.
This was not too long after I read that more and more American jobs are going overseas to places like China and India, and it''s no longer just to make clothes and toys but for technology and biochemicals, to help push U.S. unemployment near 10 percent.
I also read that the middle class population should grow by a billion in China, India and parts of Africa during the next decade that will lead to more companies in foreign countries, such as America, to set up shop and create jobs there. Also in the next decade, middle class consumers in Asia will equal those in Europe and North America combined. Meanwhile, America''s middle class is shrinking, and its been predicted that the land of opportunity may soon be a country split down the middle between the rich and the poor. Already 97% of U.S. currency is controlled by 3% of the population.
Those Tea Party fanatics don''t look so crazy to me anymore.
Because of former President George W. Bush''s $700 trillion bailout of banks and insurance companies and current President Barack Obama''s $800 billion stimulus package, including a major healthcare overall, America is deeply indebted to China which has grown to be the second-largest economy in the world with our jobs and our money.
(Source from jacksonwile.com)