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English Chinese translation of productive procrastination
Productive procrastination means avoiding what really needs doing by doing tasks that you would otherwise put off such as the laundry, washing your car, the dishes, organizing files on the computer, etc. When all is said and done, your room is clean, your laundry is folded -- but you haven''t started your English paper.
Productive procrastination(译为“有效拖延”)指为了逃避真正需要做的某件事情而让自己忙于一些一直懒得去做的事情,比如洗衣服、洗车、刷碗、整理电脑里的文件等等。结果就是,等要说的都说了,要做的都做完了,房间也打扫干净了,衣服也叠好了,就剩下英语作文还没写呢。
For example:
-Have you finished that drawing for class yet?
- No, I''m too busy doing the dishes.
- That''s such productive procrastination and you know it.
(Source from ebigear.com)