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Free Mandarin Chinese course to be offered at Eton Institute
Eton Institute, UAE’s largest language training and professional development centre is offering a free Chinese (Mandarin) course to the public in celebration of the launch of its Mandarin Phrasebooks on Amazon. The free Mandarin Chinese course will be conducted free of cost for the entire month of September and will cover essential basics in the language.
The institute offers a free language course every month as part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative to promote diversity and appreciation for different cultures within the UAE.
China, the fastest growing economy in the world is home to countless career opportunities, especially for those who are multilingual in Chinese and Western languages. Even though Mandarin Chinese is the language with the most number of native speakers worldwide, it is a rare second-language, which results in a high-demand for non-native speakers.
Moaz Khan, Marketing Manager at Eton Institute commented: “China used to be called the sleeping giant. Now being the world’s fastest growing major economy, it is well and truly awake. Learning Mandarin Chinese is a challenging and exciting venture for language enthusiasts as it is very unique in its tones. The same word spoken with a high pitch and a low pitch would have completely different meanings.”
The comprehensive free course will run for the entire month of September and will cover important basics in the language, making haggling at Dragon Mart or ordering your favourite dumplings a cinch.
The free Mandarin Chinese course will be conducted from 04 September – 29 September, with classes on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. People interested are encouraged to visit Eton Institute in Dubai Knowledge Village and book their place on a first come first serve basis by paying AED 50 towards the course material.
(Source from Albawaba)