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Industrial property leader advises students to learn Mandarin, and "be nice"
If you're an out-of-work developer or real estate graduate looking for a job, learn
Mandarin and go to China. Focus on moving goods, not storing them. Spend extra time on people skills, not "third-order differential equations."
That was some of the advice from Hamid S. Moghadam, 54, CEO of AMB Property, an
international, San Francisco-based industrial real estate investment trust, who addressed a University of San Diego breakfast last week, (11/30) sponsored by the Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate.
Born in Iran, Moghadam, 54, was studying in U.S. when the shah was overthrown in 1978. He went on to earn engineering and business degrees at MIT and Stanford. He has served as chairman of the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts and trustee of Stanford, and received various honors from the City of Hope, Ernst & Young, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor and CEO of the year eight times from four industrial publications.
(Source from signonsandiego.com)