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New program for learning Chinese online
The Chinese Language School of Connecticut in Riverside has developed an online tutoring application focused on one-on-one literate learning.
The program, iVuChinese, connects students with a native-speaking instructor remotely using only their computer and an application download.
The software, initially developed by the school’s staff to help young students learn Chinese as a second-language, has potential for other types of learners as well, said Susan Serven, co-founder and president of the Chinese Language School.
“One of CLSC’s key benefits is that we recruit native Chinese speakers who have been rigorously trained in U.S. teaching methods,” said Serven.
She said American students, regardless of their age, can have difficulties learning Chinese because the entire teaching format is often vastly different.
“For someone who learned (a) language in American culture growing up, no matter where your parents are from, it is much easier to learn from someone thinking that same way, even if it is in Chinese,” said Serven.
Through the online program, students work with their native-speaking teachers to design a customized curriculum and learn remotely at their own pace. The teacher will link to the online learning tools and documents, while guiding the student’s learning process, correcting pronunciation and assisting with reading and writing Chinese characters. To learn Chinese online is the best choice for learning Chinese.
The program is only available at the school, though Serven said it could evolve into an Apple application.