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The unique skills of Learning Chinese
1. Try to make friends with at least 10 Chinese every month.
2. Greet and chat with 10 locals in Chinese every day and remember how their respond.
3. Try to find one favorite Chinese super star and imitate his (her) classic dialoge. Recite it in front of your Chinese friends.
4. It is a better proof of your Chinese proficiency to know one complete sentence than 10 scattered words. So try to grasp more useful Chinese sentences! 
5. Be a talker rather than watcher in the pub. Of course only chat in Chinese!
6. Try teaching your countrymen to learn Chinese.
7. Appreciate Chinese culture and cultivate the interest for learning Chinese language. Remember entusiasum is much more improtant than “study plan”.
8. Don’t be shy. Just Blurt out the new chinese words you learned. You will receive more chinese people’s ardor with your awkward Chinese.
9. Search the Chinese courterpart of your most frequently-used expressions in your mother language.
10. Try to remember the Chinese names of all your favorite commodities when going shopping.
11. Go to www.masterchinese.com every day : )
(Source from Mandarinday)